Maria Villanueva Licensed Practical Nurse



Hi, my name is Maria Villanueva. I am a former LPN Keiser Career College graduate. I have been working during the last 14 months in an assisted living facility in New Port Richey.

During this time, I have enjoyed every minute of my work, since the interaction with the residents and families, until the team work of the wellness department.

The facility where I perform my job is huge, and I have to work not only with the AL residents, but also with the residents in the Memory Care Unit. I communicate daily with resident's families, which ask questions about their love ones by phone or in person; I communicate with health providers when a resident's change condition needs to be reported.

I supervise the wellness department. Under my supervision are ten Med-Techs providing primary care to our residents. I am responsible for the assignment of the staff to every unit.

I conduct and document a thorough assessment of each resident's medical status upon admission and throughout the resident's course of treatment. I perform daily the care of residents that are diabetic, checking their blood sugar and providing the treatments ordered by their doctors.

One aspect of my job that I consider very important, and I think I have developed during these months is time management skills. Without this skill the day can be chaotic.
Prior to being a nurse, I worked as a CNA during five years for a home health agency, what it gave me a lot of experienced with the elderly population.

I consider myself a very professional, responsible, reliable person, and I am always on-time on my job. I am eager to learn new skills and to grow as a nurse in my career in nursing.

I look forward to hearing from you and wish you a great day ahead.

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